Augmented Reality
Universiti Sains Malaysia
Project Date
August 2020 - January 2021
Immersive AR-based platform for Sungai Batu Archeology Complex
Project Details

Wariscan was appointed by University Sains Malaysia to assist in improving the interactivity and engagement at an actual archeology site in an effort to bring the recent discoveries closer to the mass public.

Wariscan supported Pusat Penyelidikan Arkeologi Global (PPAG) to develop a way for visitors to visualize the Ancient Kingdom of Kedah on-site. The project started on September 2020, when Pusat Penyelidikan Arkeologi Global wanted to uplift the site into becoming a world-class archaeotourism site, in a bid to become one of the recognised and renowned UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

A fully immersive informational AR-based platform was developed as a means for future visitors to learn about the sites in ways that engage as well as amaze them.