Art Gallery Blueprint Digitization

University of Malaya
Project Date
July 2016 - December 2017
Art Gallery Blueprint Digitization Project
Project Details

The University of Malaya Blueprint Digitization Project is a collaboration between Digital Artisan Resources Sdn Bhd and Muzium Seni Asia UM.  In July 2016, the Department of Development and Estate Maintenance (Jabatan Pembangunan dan Penyelenggaraan Harta Benda – JPPHB) contracted  DARSB-MSA to safely sort, digitize and assign metadata to around 17,600 copies of blueprints in their collections. 

DARSB was appointed to handle the digitization process – from handling the blueprints prior to scanning, to delivering the digital copies with assigned metadata tags to UMAG and JPPHB. A total of 3 - 4 staff members were assigned to the project, supervised by a project manager at a given time throughout the period. The project was completed in March 2018.