Art In The City

Cultural Economy Development Agency (CENDANA)
Project Date
July 2018
Art Scanning Project
Project Details

In a bid to make Kuala Lumpur as a gallery in a city, CENDANA has organized a competition to select the best artworks by Malaysian artists o adorn the walls of the city buildings. Malaysians voted for the best of the best - but when it was time to print massive reproduction, CENDANA needed to have high resolution images of the paintings.

Wariscan is one of the proud partners for CENDANA Art in the City project and was tasked to provide the high resolution image to be printed.

High resolution scans were made using a High Resolution Scanner at University of Malaya, one of Wariscan's technology partner. A good, non-pixellated image were produced and has decorated the walls and buildings around Kuala Lumpur.