Digital Interactive Solutions

Projection Mapping
Telekom Malaysia
Project Date
October 2017 - July 2018
Digital Interactive Solutions at the Telegraph Museum, Taiping
Project Details

After halfway through developing the Telegraph Museum by refurbishing the very first Telegraph and Post Office in Malaysia, Yayasan Telekom Malaysia realized that something is missing. The old building has been restored to its former glory, all museum contents are now in the form of artifacts, old documents and stories from former employees and surrounding communities. 

In 2017, Wariscan was employed to help embed a digital interactive touch to the museum.  This will ensure that while the museum is about the past, the learning embraced the ways of the new - so that visitors can interact with the history of what is now partly Telekom Malaysia. 

Wariscan developed several digital interactive solutions for the museum. The Interactive Submarine Cable Map - the centerpiece of the museum where visitors can take pictures with a world map. They can also learn about the different cables connecting Malaysia with the rest of the world by interacting with the map using Morse Code. 

The Telegraph Simulator is another piece that allows interaction of the visitors to the technologies of the past - visitors can specify an email address of their choice, and the recipient will receive a digital greeting card, made similar to the templates the telegraph office used to have when sending greetings via telegram. The sender need to learn a bit of morse code in order to send the right message! 

Wariscan also developed an interactive video player that plays only when someone is in the presence of it - it made sense for the museum to be quiet when there is no people and therefore no need of looping videos all the time. 

The new Telegraph Museum Taiping was launched by the Sultan of Perak in July 2018.