FELDA History Digitalization

FGV Prodata Systems Sdn Bhd
Project Date
December 2018 - March 2019
FELDA History Digitalisation Project
Project Details

Wariscan was appointed by FGV to assist the transition from physical storage of various documents and artefacts previously stored and displayed in Balai Sejarah FELDA to the place where FELDA began, FELDA Lembah Bilut.  This is to ensure that the story of FELDA can continue to be remembered. What is better than having a digital interactive attraction that people can go to?

In this project, Wariscan supported the FELDA 2.0 team to scan various documents and pictures according to the Arkib Negara Malaysia specifications and guidelines. Wariscan also prepared a proposal on the development of a digital interactive gallery in Lembah Bilut - where experiential technologies such as VR, AR and Projection Mapping were proposed to display all the scanned materials. 

Though the project was not continued to the next phase where actual development was planned to be executed, Wariscan has managed to scan more than 1000 documents and images as part of the initiative.