Medical Error Bootcamps

Augmented Reality
Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Project Date
September 2018
Augmented Reality for UKM Medical Students
Project Details

Medical Error Bootcamps are an important learning workshop for UKM medical students to attend. Traditionally, UKM Medical department has always used the usual presentation slides methods to present case studies on medical errors.

Wariscan was tasked to enhance the session by integrating the contents from UKM into an AR experience. Engagement rose and more students have greater opportunity for participation. The learning materials are closer to them on their individual handphone screens - and they can visit case studies interactively.

The best part for the bootcamp? All the answers are recorded in real-time, giving the academics an immediate insights into the level of understanding of the students on the workshop materials. to gauge understanding of the students on the workshop materials. Most of the students agree that the AR experience enhances the usual lecture delivery - note taking process.