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AR Courses

Take structured online courses developed by Wariscan mentors to help you navigate in the world of AR. You can learn to build your own AR/VR easily and save up a lot of money during the whole process. By using KitAr, you can create your own projects and learn more.

What You'll Learn

Basic Introduction to KiTAR and Unity

  • Step by step guide from downloading KiTAR to activating the template in Unity
  • Troubleshooting Unity installation and compatibility with KiTAR
  • Build and run a sample AR application on your mobile devices.

Using Image Target with Videos in KiTAR

  • Basic video content sharing by image target activation
  • Customizing video UI elements

Using Image Target with 3D Models in KiTAR

  • Adding 3D models to image target
  • Basic 3D models manipulation in AR
  • Basic animation controls

Customizing KiTAR UI Elements

  • Make your own app with your own branding and identity
  • Editing UI elements
  • Rearranging scenes to match user flow

Plane Detection AR in KiTAR

  • Implementing AR content without Image Target
  • Basic interaction with 3D Model (world effect)

Publishing AR App

  • Basic overview on the app publication process
  • Do’s and don’t in app publications.

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For only RM499, you get to learn about the most effective AR (Augmented Reality) learning techniques, and gain practice implementing them and getting them to work for yourself.

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What Students Say About Us

Nick Hazirah

Before I found out about Wariscan from my friend, I have never heard of this company, which is ashamed because when I went researching on what they do, I have never seen of a company who does things like this,  working on the engagement of storytelling by using AR to make it more fun and engaging for the young audiences. There a lot of other things they do, and this section does not have enough space for me to say all about that part.

But, my interning experience at this company has been impactful. The main work I did was doing designing and illustrations. But, whilst I have the skills to do that, I have also gained other skills such as learning how to use Unity, Spark AR and using helpful resources you can get from the internet without getting any copyright issues. Things like that, which I can continue to use now and in the future.

The best part I love about working here for my internship programme is gaining useful experience I need when I will eventually venture out to other companies. Also, I was treated as a person and not as a tool, speaking from experience I had from another toxic company. My supervisors are considerate of their workers.

I'm not sure about the problems we solved, but I'm sure that we have learned a lot of things from each other. I'm also glad that I could share my knowledge on design and animation, as an animation major student.

Abdul Hadi Azman UKM

“Professional, well-organised and very well constructed training on Augmented Reality. Recommend to all level users.”

Nurdiana Amiera

I was an intern here at Wariscan Sdn Bhd from 12th April to 18th July 2021. When I applied, I found out that they use Unity in their projects.

I was a bit worried as I only know how to use Maya. Therefore, I need to try and catch up as quickly as possible.

During my internship, I joined their workshop and learn Unity with the sifu, Mr. Amar. Of course, Mr. Zaki and Mr. Hilman also helped along the way hahah.

I was then assigned to create my very own app using their KiTAR.

KiTAR is a premade project file for AR application by Wariscan.

Along the way, I encountered some errors in Unity and Mr. Amar helped me to solve them by checking every possible thing. Thanks, Mr. Amar!

Other than that, I created and designed filters for Wariscan using Spark AR and helped with other projects. It was very fun and satisfying to see what you planned and designed come to life.

Since we were in lockdown, most of the time we only interacted on Discord.

They are very fun to work with.
Sempoi ~

Our work hours are flexible as long as we get the job done on time.

Thank you Wariscan for the wonderful experience!

Nor Kamaliana Khamis

“Very good in sharing relevant info related to participants' request/inquiry.”

Lily Hanefarezan Asbulah

“Wariscan mempunyai kepakaran dari segi training, consultation dan team yang superb dlm reka bentuk dan pembangunan aplikasi berasaskan teknologi augmented reality. Bukan itu sahaja, malah wariscan menawarkan templet KiTAR yang memudahkan utk proses pembangunan apps dilakukan.”

Saya sangat berpuas hati dengan perkhidmatan yang diberikan oleh Wariscan Sdn Bhd terhadap kolaborasi projek yang kami jalankan. Walaupun ini pertama kali sy bekerjasama dgn pihak industri, alhmdulilh saya tak salah pilih rakan kolaborasi!

Perkara yang paling saya suka tentang wariscan adalah team mereka yang cool dan mudah utk diajak berbincang.  Segala idea dan konsep yang saya kehendaki mereka boleh bantu dan guide. Such a wonderful experiences with wariscan! Looking forward untuk kolaborasi dgn wariscan for the next project insyaAllah!

Ezran Zulnaidy

“Penerangan dan kit yang jelas lengkap. Penambahbaikan dapat dilakukan pada masa penyampaian.”

Kebanyakan peserta menggunakan satu paparan skrin dalam kelas/bengkel, menyukarkan pergerakan antara 'windows'. Disebabkan mod kelas adalah secara atas talian, paparan 'presenter' terpaksa dikecilkan (menjadi kurang jelas). Sekiranya pace kelas lebih perlahan sedikit, kemungkinan untuk peserta tercicir mana-mana satu bahagian dapat dikurangkan.